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Hi! 👋

I’m Laura Ketola. Often Nindwen or Persikka on the internet. At the moment, I’m studying computer science at a university in Finland and working part-time as software developer.

This is my front page / contact info.

email laura.m.ketola (at) gmail.com
github github.com/nindwen
keybase keybase.io/nindwen
twitter twitter.com/nindwen

Life 🌈

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

I’m a huge Tolkien geek, and can likely talk forever about those things. Similarly my other media interest are mostly fantasy or science fiction.

I enjoy running, reading and writing, at least when I remember not to live in my computers. I enjoy gaming from time to time, but less than I used to. I tend to like RPG:s and immersive sims, but also like to play multiplayer games with my partner and friends.

If you know me, or want to connect for some other reason, feel free to shoot an email at the address above, it’s likely the easiest way to reach me.

Tech 💻

Ed is the standard text editor.

I enjoy messing around with *NIX-systems and terminals. If something can be simple, it probably should be. Knowing when that’s true is sadly the hard part.

My actual work is generally in web dev. And while my experience is mostly in frontend/backend development, UX design is also something very important for me.

I’m most confident in my skills in Java and the Javascript ecosystem (Html5 & Node). I also have experience in for example Python, C/C++ and Rust, though I haven’t had the opportunity to build anything larger with them yet.

This page ⚙

<!doctype html>

This page is built with a simple Makefile from Markdown source using Pandoc. Check the source at my GitHub! There’s nothing particularly fancy, but I think it illuminates the way I like to do things when possible.