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About me 🔮

Code witch, Sauron apologist.

This text was originally on the front page, but seemed more fitting on its own page.

See also the incomplete list of my favorite things.

Life 🌈

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

So. Something about me.

I’m studying computer science at a university in Finland and working part-time as software developer.

I enjoy running, reading and writing.

I enjoy gaming from time to time, but less than I used to. I tend to prefer RPGs, immersive sims and general story based games. I also like to play multiplayer games with my partner and friends.

I’m a huge Tolkien geek, and can likely talk forever about metaphysics of Arda and how exactly one should adapt the Silmarillion. Similarly my other media interest are mostly fantasy or science fiction. Also horror.

Cats are important. Should get one.

Tech 💻

Ed is the standard text editor.

The nerdy stuff:

I enjoy messing around with *NIX-systems and terminals. I’m happiest when a problem can be solved with a few lines of script.

Programming wise, I mostly do web development. I’m the most confident in my skills in the Javascript ecosystem (Html5 & Node) and Java. I also have experience in for example Python, C/C++ and Rust, though I haven’t had the opportunity to build anything larger with them yet.

Free software and decentralized services are both cool, and also necessary for the future.